What Teens Say

A Poem for the Place

speech bubbleA safe place to go, a home away from home,
With five loving parents and siblings galore.
Filled with craziness, run by kindness,
Giving new opportunities in a world gone heartless.
We sing, we dance, we talk, and we fight.
We open up hearts, and shed new light
You wouldn’t know, with just one glance,
That this is a new start, a second chance
For teens who need support, help, or love
This is the one, the only, The Place, I can think of.


“A place to escape away from the harsh hands of speech bubble2society, where I can be me, not what others expect me to be! 🙂  Like they wrote ‘a home away from home’ because yes even the people in our own homes are judgmental and belittle us…sometimes its good to escape from it all, the madness and overthinking where you can go somewhere where not even the light can find you…somewhere I can escape and relax and run away from my trouble’s.  That’s what this place is for me :-)”


“These are my people!”speech bubble

“Dear Place, You remind me of a crazy family TV show, like ‘Family Matters’ or ‘The Jeffersons’.  I feel good when I’m here.  You guys give me courage and strength.  You gave me the idea to start my blog.  You are all awesome!”